Wooden/Oak Staircase


Take a look at this!

Simple clean organic oak staircase. It almost has this earthy feel to it that sits rather comfortably against the modern clean black and white lines.

I have come across similar designs but not anything quite like this. Its the storage side of design that has intrigued me more. How versatile! Swap all those trinkets and memorabilia with a new colour scheme of objects.

My options or personalised colour schemes would be somewhat like the following:

  • Black & white and metal, could be anything from unique vases, frames, books..a good balance of matte and reflective surfaces is the key here.
  • Blue and white decorative jars/pots ( the type of blue you see on china pots).
  • Colourful – hot pinks/greens/reds/yellows (bring on a colourful Indian touch).

I mean the possibilites are endless. Let our imaginations roll!!!

At the end of the day, what matters most is that whatever you put there reflects you and your personality.

What do you think? How would you decorate it?

2 thoughts on “Wooden/Oak Staircase

  1. What a beautiful and elegant staircase! And with the storage space underneath it becomes this great statement piece, which can be given so many different looks, it’s really just perfect.

    I believe I would have painted the storage space/shelves in a bright white, maybe even a glossy white to give it that great contrast to the Oak, just because wood has a tendency to yellow and darken over time, and this way it might get somewhat of a lighter feel. And then I love the idea of adding a great scheme pinks, reds, orange and yellows with a touch of green to really make the staircase unique.

    Love your Blog!

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