About Me

Hello and Welcome to my blog! My name is Ami. I have created  this space to share with everyone like me who love to know, see and hear anything and everything about beautiful home decor. I love cherry picking products that i like which i have been doing so for a while. But was looking for a platform to share with and have more input.  I intend to do that and a lot more here.

Interior Design! I believe it is my passion. Being inclined to all things ‘interiors’ has been my second nature right from childhood. I am a great admirer of beautiful interior designs, home decor and architecture..and have spent so much time browsing through various mags and websites and pics, etc. etc. It never tires me to see the houses i love. Everytime i see it, i love it even more. Non stop peeping! You know? We all do that, don’t we? I say, its a peep of love?! And Grand Designs??? Totally hooked to it!

So, after months and months of ifs and buts and ums, i finally begin. I will be sharing my love for all my finds – all about home that i find, all that inspires me and i hope that it inspires you too.

I would love to hear your views. So feel free to browse through my trove. : )

Looking forward to a whole new beginning!

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