Its ‘The’ mix

Heres my take on a eclectic mix of homeware that i have instantly fallen in love with. It actually started out with just doorknobs, more of which i will share regularly, but this time the search led me to creating this little moodboard.

What i like the most is that although each of these pieces can stand alone quite comfortably, but even by mixing them hasn’t really made them too over powering. Theres quite a bit going on here.We have a smart faux croc cushion, comfy pure cotton sofa, pretty ceramic doorknobs, yup! they are all door knobs (begoniacreamred) , sleek turtle shell(resin though) picture frame, gorgeous wood chandelier with satin lampshades, rich blue embroidered cushion and last but not the least, the iconic Showdown lamp in Chrome.

So, the key piece that holds everything together? – is the sofa. With its graceful country lines and a more, lets say nautical blue and white stripe fabric, rest of the accessories sit together nice and well.

And look at that red petal doorknob with golden border, quite rightly named ‘Brilliant Blossom Red’, it almost looks like a little ornament on its own. Super beautiful.

My top 3, however??

1. The Chandelier

2. Brilliant Blossom Red doorknob

3. Showdown Lamp, but ofcourse : ).

Which would be your top 3?